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The services you have so far drawn from the SecuStamp portal are now available as a part of Long-Term Docs. You can use them as before. Additionally, an application for handling electronic documents is available - now for free with your account.

Time Stamps

A trusted digital signature in connection with a qualified time stamp guarantees contents inviolation and authenticity of a legally binding electronic document regardless of its format. It proves that the digital signature's certificate has been valid at the time of authorizing the document.
The time stamp is a service provided by a certification authority, which enables prove time you create a document. The timestamp is suitable for electronic documents that are necessary to prove the time of their formation, such as accounting documents.

Read what is a Qualified time stamp, separate time stamp and which certification authority provides them ...


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TSA Service address: – basic authentication – authentication using a certificate



New: We have released Signer for mobile devices with Android, iOS and Windows Phone !

New: We added the possibility to apply for a new and subsequent qualified certificate of PostSignum directly from the app !

Tip: If you already have a SecuStamp account, log into the application and use the time stamps you already have on your account

Choose a product variant

For individuals - Signer

  • 1 license
  • your devices
  • 500 timestamps

The Signer license entitles you to use the application and Long-Term Docs services; additionally you receive 500 qualified time stamps. Install on your devices with various licenses *)


Buy for 39.99 €

For business - Signer 5 Pack

  • 1 administrator
  • 5 licenses
  • your devices
  • 2000 timestamps

The Signer 5 Pack license entitles you to use the application and Long-Term Docs services. Manage the licenses for 5 of your colleagues and draw the services from one place. You receive 2 000 time stamps.


Buy for 149.99 €

*) 1 license entitles one user to install the application to up to 5 different devices with various OS to be used under his/her 602 ID.

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Signer for mobile devices